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What OneFarm Impact offers

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A vehicle to effectively deploy CSI, ESG and ED donations

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Targeted initiatives focused on the social, economic and environmental impact within agriculture

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An auditable, transparent channel with the required compliance and governance 

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Accurate and comprehensive reporting aligned to key impact metrics and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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A mechanism to drive development and growth across Africa’s agriculture sector

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Opportunities for involvement in OneFarm Share to address food waste reduction, smallholder farmer development and produce for the relief market 

The OneFarm Share programme

The Impact fund supports the OneFarm Share programme which is a platform powered by Standard Bank in partnership with Agri FinTech HelloChoice. Operating across South Africa, OneFarm Share takes a sector-wide view of agriculture and works to create a more inclusive and efficient agri-food value chain by addressing key industry challenges, such as:

  • Reduction of waste on farms and on fresh produce markets. 
  • Socio-economic development through market access for smallholder farmers. 
  • Alleviating hunger by providing access to nutritious, fresh produce for beneficiaries in the relief market.

Available fresh produce is channelled through the platform and matched with requests from registered beneficiaries and the communities to:

  • Provide commercial farmers with an environmental and economic alternative on farm food waste excess produce. 
  • Create an enterprise development benefit for smallholder farmers through market access, logistics support, market-related pricing and same-day payment. 

The OneFarm Share platform amplifies the allocation and distribution of CSI, ED and donor funds to achieve multiplied impact for donors and beneficiaries, while creating a transparent model to distribute food across the value chain. 

Our Impact at the end of May 2024

  • 23 673 tonnes
  • 95 million meals
  • 1.2 million people fed
  • 680 contributors
  • 10 awards/industry recognitions
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How OneFarm Impact works

Smallholder farmers

To provide improved market access, fair market prices, logistical and organisational support, and favourable payment terms 

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To deliver a transparent and auditable channel to make an impact at scale across Africa's agriculture sector

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Get in touch

OneFarm Impact continues to explore new opportunities and partnerships to drive positive transformation at scale in the agriculture sector.

To learn more about OneFarm Impact or to get involved, please complete the online contact form and one of our OneFarm Impact relationship managers will contact you. 

Please note that OneFarm Impact and OneFarm Share are currently only operating in South Africa.