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Extend your reach in South Africa’s agri-trade environment

Delivering useful data and insights by improving visibility through the agriculture value chain, OneFarm Trade equips agri service providers to better serve their key markets. 

Connecting you to buyers and sellers in the South African agri-trade sector

As a significant contributor to South Africa’s GDP, agriculture plays a vital role in building economic growth. But participating in the agri sector comes with several challenges and pain points, including limited digitisation leading to unclear business performance, a lack of visibility through the value chain, and increased market complexity and competitive activity. 

For farming organisations to remain competitive, they need to optimise how they get their product to market at the best prices, and agriculture service providers are key to enabling this success. 

OneFarm Trade provides organisations who support a farmer’s success with the tools, critical data and insight (about their key markets) to create mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities that make an impact and strengthen partnerships to provide effective service delivery throughout the value chain. 

A person in the field
A person in the field

Benefits for service providers


Access to better data and insights about farmers and/or buyers to enhance product and service delivery


Improved visibility through and proximity to the agri supply/value chain 


Facilitates connections and unlocks new market opportunities 


Opportunities to build impactful and effective partnerships

Find out more about OneFarm Trade

If you’re a service provider with an interest in extending your reach in the agri sector, let’s work together to solve some of the most pressing value chain pain points and challenges. 

To learn more about OneFarm Trade or to get involved and explore the opportunities, please complete the online contact form.

Frequently asked questions

OneFarm Trade is a digital agriculture marketplace that connects agri-trade buyers and sellers. It drives procurement efficiency and optimisation of the supply chain while ensuring farmers have viable access to alternative markets. 

OneFarm Trade helps service providers:

  • Leverage data and insights regarding agri trade in South Africa.
  • Partner with a growing agri digital marketplace proposition.
  • Build meaningful and effective partnerships with other agri-trade participants.

OneFarm Trade is currently available in South Africa.

Contact HelloChoice and OneFarm Trade to explore ways to get involved.

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Service provider organisations include, but are not limited to, financial services providers, insurers, agri-tech businesses, agri-input businesses, logistics providers, and agri-fintech businesses.