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Connect to new markets and find new buyers for your produce

Gain access to new markets for your produce and benefit from the opportunities and cost-efficiencies that our digital agri marketplace offers. 

An affordable and convenient way to trade produce to multiple buyers

The process of selling produce can be time consuming, costly and complex, ultimately detracting from your core farming activities. With increased margin pressure, there is a need to sell your produce as efficiently as possible. 

Utilising a digital marketplace not only provides you with access to new markets but offers improved margins thanks to lower marketing and distribution costs. This creates opportunity for accelerated business performance and growth. 

Run by people who understand farmer needs and backed by technology from Agri FinTech HelloChoice, OneFarm Trade provides farmers with direct access to a variety of buyers, enabling efficient market participation and trade.

A farmer kneeling down in a field
A farmer kneeling down in a field

Benefits for farmers


Diverse market access to unlock new sources of revenue


Reduced market and pricing risk

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A direct and easy way to trade produce to multiple buyers


Less wastage and surplus stock


Creates greater price transparency and offers favourable payment terms


Digital marketing and branding activities, such as promoting your farm and produce


Helps you secure higher farmgate prices due to lower marketing and distribution costs, and an open and transparent discovery mechanism


Payment certainty with full, transparent reporting mechanisms in place

Register for OneFarm Trade

Find out more or register for OneFarm Trade as a seller on HelloChoice.

You’ll be redirected and asked to create an account. 

Frequently asked questions

OneFarm Trade helps farmers sell across a variety of marketplaces. Buyers from around the country access the available marketplaces to buy produce directly from farmers, creating an optimised, non-geographically restricted basis for trade. Farmers can list their produce for sale, including location, grade, size, quantity/available units, etc. The sale transaction takes place through the platform.

OneFarm Trade helps farmers:

  • List available produce on a digital agriculture marketplace.
  • Reach a wide variety of buyers without leaving the farm - opening wider access to trade regionally and nationally. 
  • Access pricing insights with real-time findings to help make informed decisions and improve seasonal profits.
  • Focus on core farming activities rather than worrying about finding new/alternative markets and the selling process.
  • Reduce marketing and logistics costs to help improve profit margins.

  • Auction
  • Buy-It-Now
  • Branded Marketplace
  • OneFarm Share Relief Platform
  • Agent Loads
  • Orders and Requests

OneFarm Trade is currently available in South Africa.

Registration for OneFarm Trade takes place through HelloChoice.

The supply bulletin is sent to the buyer base to promote what produce is available on the platform. The demand bulletin lets farmers share what they can supply now, which gets sent out to the buyer base as a campaign. 

Branded marketplace, farmer pages, brand development and design, and other marketing packages, as well as access to the supply and demand bulletins and the green numbers report. 

Product pricing is determined by a pricing discovery mechanism through the auction bidding process. HelloChoice subscribes to pricing services such as TechnoFresh where prices can be compared. Farmers are then advised of the findings. 

Livestock and dairy. 

It’s the responsibility of the buyer to collect the purchased produce. If unable to collect, the buyer can request a quotation for logistics support which HelloChoice can assist with.  

Beans are graded by qualified graders. For other produce, the buyer will buy off the farmer description of the commodity sold: grade, sizing, variety, etc. A picture must be included when listing produce. The buyer can reject the produce if the received goods don’t align to the lot description. 

Upon request, HelloChoice can facilitate the sending of samples.