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Unlocking the full potential of outgrower programmes

OneFarm Grow is a platform geared to meet the needs of large-scale agricultural production output across the African continent. It is adaptable to your specific outgrower programme and procurement needs and facilitates the services required to accelerate smallholder development. 

Using digitisation to improve efficiencies and create new opportunities

For corporate offtakers, visibility and limited data-driven insights at an outgrower level and across the supply chain is a challenge. This is compounded by the informal, fragmented and often complex nature of Africa's agriculture sector, which creates inefficiencies that impede your production business operations.

The OneFarm Grow platform is designed to address these inefficiencies through digitisation. Using digitally-enabled processes that help improve production and productivity outputs, it fosters transparent, cost-efficient and well-organised supply chains.

Delivering on needs, such as improved farmer data, effective agronomist-outgrower engagement and stronger procurement channels, OneFarm Grow enables outgrowers to access the right financial, operational and input services needed to grow their business. Concurrently, this provides offtakers with improved productivity and sustainability across the supply chain. 

Onefarm men in the field
Onefarm men in the field

Benefits for offtakers

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Digitised outgrower programmes and rich data sources to facilitate business opportunities 

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Easily and efficiently manage multiple small outgrowers simultaneously 

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Better analytics and reporting at a farm level, especially for ESG

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An offtaker-led model that’s adaptable to specific programme and procurement needs 

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Eliminating inefficiencies that distract focus from your core production business

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Access to innovative financial solutions, discounted inputs and agronomist interaction for outgrowers

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The OneFarm Grow team is ready to explore how the platform can be effectively leveraged for your business and outgrower programme.

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Frequently asked questions

OneFarm Grow can be customised to your specific outgrower programme or procurement needs. It drives outgrower programme and procurement efficiency by digitising the farmer/outgrower profiles, creating access to valuable financial services and products, and by creating a digital reporting/data capture facility for agronomists working with the offtaker. 

OneFarm Grow helps offtakers:

  • Significantly optimise procurement from local outgrowers. 
  • Gain a high degree of visibility through the supply chain.
  • Focus on core production business. 
  • Enhance reporting at a farm level, especially for ESG.
  • Remove the pressure of offering finance/credit support to outgrowers.

OneFarm Grow is currently available in Kenya, Uganda, Angola and South Africa (ED) .

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