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Accelerating smallholder farmer growth

A focus on developing smallholder farmers by promoting and supporting capabilities for growth through better access to markets, transparent market price for produce, logistical support and favourable payment terms. 

Promoting agriculture enterprise development and an inclusive agri-food system

Africa’s smallholder farmers face numerous challenges that impede their progress along the path to commercialisation. Despite a third of the world’s food being grown by smallholder farmers, these farmers struggle against the informal and fragmented nature of their operations. 

Lack of market access, pricing volatility, limited access to information resources and required agri-inputs, make it difficult for smallholder farmers (of which a large percentage are female) to become commercially viable and improve their livelihoods.   

OneFarm Impact, through the OneFarm Share platform aims to fast-track the path to commercialisation for smallholder farmers.

In addition to driving agri-enterprise development for these farmers, this support creates general uplift for those employed on the farm, whilst also impacting the surrounding communities. 

The OneFarm Share platform promotes upskilling and commercial participation by equipping smallholder farmers with the tools, resources and organisational and entrepreneurial know-how to improve the productivity and profitability of their businesses.

A woman wearing a hat
A woman wearing a hat

Benefits for smallholder farmers

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Leveraging the expertise, reach and technical skills of agricultural development specialists 

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Improved access to agricultural inputs and finance

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Upskilling smallholder farmers for effective enterprise growth and to improve their livelihoods

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Creating solutions to key challenges smallholder farmers face


Better access to markets and participation opportunities

Register for OneFarm Share

Find out more about OneFarm Impact or register for OneFarm Share on HelloChoice. 

You’ll be redirected and asked to create an account. 

Frequently asked questions

OneFarm Impact is the structured vehicle through which funds and donations are received. The entity has an NPC for receipt of CSI/ESG funding and a (Pty) LTD for the receipt of funding aligned to ED. All reporting and certificates are issued through OneFarm Impact.  

OneFarm Share is one of the products through which funds are deployed. The platform focuses on addressing three critical needs: waste reduction on farms and on fresh produce markets, market access for smallholder farmers to accelerate their enterprise growth, and provision of wholesome, nutritious fresh produce to the relief market. 

OneFarm Share provides smallholder farmers with access to market with a reliable offtake for their produce. A market-related price is offered, with payment taking place within 24-hours of receipt of the produce. 

The logistics associated with collecting the produce from the farm is coordinated, managed and paid-for (when not a donated empty load or transport solution) by the platform. Where required, the OneFarm Share team offer packaging advice and business support. The smallholder farmer also benefits from increased access to agronomy services. 

OneFarm Share helps smallholder farmers:

  • Gain regular and reliable access to market.
  • Better manage cashflow for their agri-enterprise.
  • Create aggregation hubs with neighbouring smallholder farmers to meet the supply quota.
  • Accelerate the growth of their business.

OneFarm Share is currently available in South Africa.

Registration for OneFarm Share takes place through HelloChoice. 

  • Access to the internet to enable registration with access to WhatsApp to facilitate the listing of produce and receive demand requests.
  • Registration can also be facilitated via WhatsApp or by contacting a HelloChoice trade advisor for assistance. 
  • Ability to pack produce into bags and boxes, and to palletise it according to fresh produce market standards. 
  • Ability to supply a minimum of 6-8 tonnes if requiring assistance with transportation from OneFarm Share.